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Facial skin is the most delicate skin on the body.  Give yours the care it deserves.  I will recommend products, services and treatments best suited for your particular needs, from targeting a problem to developing skin care plans with you in mind.  My treatments include facials, enzymes, microdermabrasions, chemical peels, ultrasonic treatments, LED therapy, hydra facial therapy and so much more.

Symposium's Express Facial

My express facial includes dual cleansing and exfoliation under steam followed by a mask suited specifically for your skin with an application of a perfect moisturizer and sunscreen.  30 minutes



Symposium's Clear Skin Express Facial           

Short on time?  This treatment is perfect for acne or congested skin. Includes dual cleansing under steam, followed by high-frequency to kill acne-causing bacteria followed by a hydrating moisturizer.  You receive quality service in a quick amount of time for those of you that are on the go.   30 minutes




Symposium's Signature Facial

Relax and unwind while the steam softens the skin and loosens the pores.  This treatment includes dual cleansing of the face and neck followed by exfoliation.  Take a deep breath while you enjoy a face and neck massage.  I will apply a jelly mask customized for your specific skin type, followed by a moisturizer and sunscreen.  This facial will improve the look, feel and health of your skin.  60 minutes


Symposium's Clear Skin Facial

The perfect treatment for acne.  During this facial, you will receive dual cleansing with exfoliation under steam, followed by extractions.  A high frequency treatment will be included to kill acne-causing bacteria followed by a calming and soothing mask.  Specifically for your skin an appropriate moisturizer and sunscreen will be applied.  This is a great maintenance treatment for acne prone skin that we have worked on, your acne is on it's way to being under control and has  improved.  55 minutes




Symposium's Enzyme Express Facial

This is a "lunch time" skin rejuvenation treatment.  I cleanse away left over make-up, pollutants and pore debris, followed by the application of an enzyme mask that exfoliates lifeless skin cells.  I then soothe and refine the skin by applying a calming mask.  Short, sweet but most importantly rejuvenated glowing skin.  45 minutes

Lay back and dream while warm steam softens the skin and the pores as they are prepared for extractions. Extractions remove dirt, sebum and dead skin cells.  After extractions, I perform a high frequency treatment to kill acne-causing bacteria. This treatment includes a light shoulder and neck massage followed by a calming mask.  Perfect for acneic or congested skin as it will improve the look, feel and health of your skin.  

70 minutes.



Symposium Deep Cleansing Facial

Symposium's Ultimate Facial

Enjoy pure bliss when you receive Skin Symposium's Ultimate Facial.  This treatment includes the face, neck and decollete with dual cleansing, an enzyme mask that exfoliates lifeless skin under steam including aromatherapy. Receive a gentle massage to release the stresses of the day to include the areas listed above in addition to the arms, hands, scalp, as well as body compressions.  Your skin will be nourished by a mask best suited for your skin.   Warm towels are applied, a serum to penetrate deeply into your freshly rejuvenated skin along with a hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen.  This treatment is the ultimate in skin rejuvenating, the releasing of the stresses of your busy day and pure relaxation!  90 minutes












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